“Seven Sages of Bamboo Grove”




Seven Sages of Bamboo Grove.


The failure of being categorized by art museums has significant contribution to art throughout the art history.  Marcel Duchamp put a porcelain urinal into the exhibition in 1917 when the museums were not prepared to categorize it as an artwork. Dia art foundation was established in 1974 to facilitate the artistic projects that might fail to be realized in the traditional art museum space. This project attempts to fundamentally push this kind of failure further by getting rid of conventional artwork characters: no title, no author, no description, no boundary, no space, no audience, no be seen.  

  The seven ways are inspired by Seven Sages of the Bamboo Grove, a group of Chinese scholars and poets of the mid-3rd century AD who banded together to escape from the dictatorship of government and seek for a life drinking and writing in the countryside. Their retreat advocated the freedom of individual expression in a corrupt age. The artworks that employ these ways are like these people who used retreat as a tool of creation beyond cliché and supremacy. In a word, this project employs the form of rejection to seven conventional characters of artworks as a tool of creation.