Everything Goes Back Where It Belongs,2019.03.Duration:7 Days

Digital printing, Tape, Cosmetics, Food, Hot-melt Plastic Bag

Through the projection of "Categorization" in a daily activity, in this case tidying up the room, the project aims to deconstruct the "Categorization" itself as a mechanism, separating it from the larger social context, which presents the reality of "Categorization". The artist conducted a 7-day behavioral experiment in her apartment room, replacing the common "Categorization" principles of household objects with the 7 physical attributes it carries: color, shape, weight, size, hardness, elasticity and sensitivity. Besides changing the "Categorization" rules of everyday life, other lifestyle mechanisms remained unchanged. By redefining the rules, a series of new derivatives under "Categorization"  were hatched, and "7 traitors" and "7 citizens" were created, which were generated by objects that cannot be categorized and paintings under new rules respectively. All the objects and paintings were sealed under household, hot-melt plastic bags. Collectively, they only exist for this new type of categorization, which means that the project is completed, and the objects will return to the living area they belonged to before.

Seven Traitors/

Digital printing, Objects, Chair, Hot-melt Plastic Bag

Seven Citizens/

Paper, Hanger, Hot-melt Plastic Bag